Wide belt sander use time is long how should adjust

Wide belt sander use time is long how should adjust
1. Repair and grind the conveyor belt of broadband sander
Start the Wide belt sander and lift the workbench to touch the sander belt. Conveyor belt repair and grinding should not be greater than 0.1mm each time, to avoid conveyor belt heating deformation. After the adjustment, remove the dust and set the thickness to zero.
Two, fixed – thickness roller grinding
First, adjust the level of the working table. After removing the sandbelt, put a template with 60-80# sandpaper on the surface on the conveyor belt. Raise the working table so that the sandpaper can gently touch the roller and move the template back and forth along the length of the steel rod.
Three,Adjustment of press roll
Lift the sanding pad, remove the sanding belt, the working table rises, gently touch the conveyor belt with the constant thickness roller, and then adjust the working table according to the thickness reading, until the pressure roller gently touches the conveyor belt to tighten the nut.
Four,Sand mat leveling
Lift the sanding pad, remove the sanding belt, put the level on the conveyor belt, lift the table, until the constant thickness roll and the level touch gently, move the level from one section of the sand pad to the other end, check the levelness of the sand pad if there is any error, through the sanding pad thread adjustment.
Five, sand belt swing adjustment
By photoelectric switch control, adjust its position can change the sand belt swing benchmark, generally 1cm from the edge of the stick around the sand belt protection fiber by two pairs of photocell control, the benchmark at the edge of the stick, to this position stop.
Six,Display zero
Before leaving the factory has been adjusted to zero, in the worktable flatness adjustment, conveyor belt grinding, fixed thickness roller grinding, must be zero thickness digital display.

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