vacuum membrane machine system solution

The vacuum membrane machine in this series are mainly included:Membrane covering equipment, Membrane covering machine, hot pressing edge folding machine, vacuum membrane covering machine, vacuum thermo covering equipment, vacuum membrane covering machine, pressing covering machine, lamination machine, leather automatic edgefolding equipment, Vacuum | Pressure Forming Machine, Pre-fixing Tools…
System solutions for high quality surfaces:
KABED laminating technology mainly used in the automotive industry. Typical applications include instrument, door and side panels, back shelves, armrests, seat back panels, pillar trims and trunk linings.
Our tooling and machinery concepts range from simple fixtures and single station and inline units to fully automated combined systems, which combine further process steps such as punching, edge folding or cutting.
With extensive technological expertise gained through our many years of experience, KABED produces reliable laminating solutions to produce components with high quality surfaces such as textiles and leather. KABED is a leading supplier of mechanical leather laminating systems in China.
Vacuum membrane machine features:
1. Automatic and digitalized control system. Four working modes,can adapt for different workpieces.
2. Quality vacuum pumps from Germany Becker and Germany Leybold, stable and reliable with simple maintenance work.
3. Large gas tank with double air channels to flow through, large amount of the ventilation and huge explosive force.
4. Precision Machining by CNC machine center, make sure the main components more nicety.
5. Firm structure of the racks, processed by planomiller, can bear large pressure.
6. The integrated movement electromotor produces less noise and seldom breaks down.
7. Heat- conducting oil in top heating plate, the worming prosess is more uniform.
8. High quality heat preservation material can ensure even heating and energy saving.
9. Bottom heating can enable the product to achieve an ideal effect.
10. Pneumatic lock frame and silicone seal, have better leakproofness.
11. Oil pressure and compressed air as the main motion.
12. Positive pressure is 0.45MPa, overall pressure is about 200T.
13. 1 year warranty and provide the technological supporting and training all the time.
14. Double work table, more efficient and saving power.
15. Work table size can be produced following client’s requirment.

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