Veneer slicer is mainly for slicing solid wood, engineer wood and other composite board, working efficiency is high, and veneer thickness is uniform. It is widely adopt in decorative veneer of plywood, furniture, flooring, construction industry and so on.

The main raw materials for veneer slicer cutting are small-diameter wood, wood harvesting, and processing residues, such as branches, branches, slabs, slats, round wood cores, waste veneer, and waste wood. Than u sugar cane, reed, moso bamboo, etc.
After the raw material is cut, it becomes a small piece of wood with a certain specification. It can be used as a raw material for various papermaking lines such as particleboard, medium density board, fiberboard, and can also be used as fuel.

The veneer slicer has a wide range of applications, diversified raw materials, good quality wood chips, safe and reliable, simple and convenient operation, and high production efficiency.

Veneer slicer is the latest domestic chipper produced by our company, which is suitable for particle board, medium density board, wood fiber board, papermaking, power plant, boiler and other industries.

The veneer slicer has an advanced structure, high quality cutting chips, wide adaptability of raw materials, and convenient operation and maintenance.

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