Types and application of veneer dryer

Types and application of veneer dryer
From the name, we can see that veneer dryer is a kind of equipment used to dry veneer after rotary cutting. It can dry veneer with thickness of 0.3-5mm. The hot air in the hot blast stove is injected into the upper and lower bellows by the fan, and then the hot air is blown to the upper and lower sides of the veneer through the nozzle of the upper and lower bellows, so that the two surfaces of the veneer are evenly heated and dried The effect.
According to the heat transfer mode, veneer dryers can be divided into contact type, radiation type, air convection type and composite type
1. The contact dryer is to contact the veneer with the steel plate with heat to achieve the effect of drying. Its advantage is high thermal efficiency.
2. Radiation dryer uses infrared, far infrared, microwave as heat source to dry veneer, which has high cost.
3. Air convection dryer transfers heat to veneer by convection of hot air, which belongs to general mesh belt dryer.
4. Composite dryer is a combination of the above heat transfer methods for veneer drying, common roller type belongs to this type.

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