Sander machine maintenance according to the following requirements for regular maintenance of machine tools
After each shift:
(1) Thoroughly clean the whole machine with filtered and purified compressed air, especially pay attention to the conveyor belt inner surface and the surface of the work table should not have dust, to avoid reducing the Sander accuracy;
(2) Dust collection device should be operated when cleaning the machine tool;
(3) Check the compressed air filter and clean the condensation in the filter.
After every 40 hours:
(1) Check the compressed air filter and clean the condensation in the filter;
(2) Check the compressed air oil mist device and fill it with lubricating oil;
(3) Check whether the Sander machine screws are loose. If so, tighten them immediately, or the machine will be damaged.
After every 200 hours:
(1) Lubricate the lifting chain with grease and check its tensioning;
(2) Check the tension and wear degree of the sand belt;
(3) Grease is injected into each oil hole of the machine tool with the oil gun;
(4) Check whether the fastening screw in the high-speed operation part is loose.
After every 300 hours:
(1) Disassembly and clean the compressed air filter, replace the professional oil of the stepless transmission, open the oil hole, and add new oil after the oil is discharged. The oil hole has been shown as the standard;
(2) Check the tensioning of the conveyor belt;
(3) Check the longitudinal and transverse levelness of the machine tool;
(4) Check the flatness of the table surface; Check the abrasion of the porcelain tube on the overpass switch in close contact with the sand belt, and replace it if necessary.

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