Roller coating machine solves the defects of cold film and hot film

The roller coating machine is especially designed for digital print ,it is a new way of liquid lamination ,replacing traditional way of cold lamition and hot lamination .It perfectly solved all the defect by cold and hot lamination ,and make the coating more easy operation and extremely low cost .It never gets bubbles and no glue failure issue .The machine is of fast speed,low cost and liquid circle running.

The roller coating machine can be used in the electronic product surface, aluminum products, plastic products, metal products surface, automobile product surface, glass products and other products surface; Protected products in production and processing, transportation, storage and use process from pollution, corrosion, scratches, protect the original bright and clean bright surface, thus improve the quality of the products and market competitiveness.BOPP self adhesive tape coating proucts can be used in our daily life as sealing the carton box , any kinds of package etc .

Main Function Features:

1.overall machine adopt frequency motor control,

2.electrical rotation double station unwinding frame, adopt magnetic powder auto control the tension

3.gravure coating method to make pe protective film and comma blade coating method,or mayer bar coating method to make bopp adhesive tape

4.for coating more evenness, there is one pc uniformity roller by motor inverter control

5.oven:18m for 6section independently control, heating adopt hot air cycle heating hot air intake type drying system, adjustable inner cycle air intake and out device, air intake and out with strong air , dry thoroughly,

6.the base material is guided by conveyor belt and guide roller

7.the tension between coaitng roller and traction steel roller adopt float swing arm and speed meter device

9.webguide adopt EPC air sensitive register to assure the trimness when rewinding

10.rewinding and unwinding adopt key type airshaft for easily operate when loading and unloading the material

11.high presicion up press traction device, steel roller cooling adopt water cycle to make the film surface more smooth and neat. to reach good cooling effect.

12.rewinding frame is alongside rewinding unit for pe protective film specially and double station rewinding unit for bopp adhesive tape.

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