Profile wrapping machine effectively prevents equipment damage

profile wrapping machine is well designed for outer wrapping of long products with stretch film, woven tape or compound paper tape, etc. With great technique of our designers and workers, the machine can make the package tidy and beautiful.The most important thing is that the wrapping will keep the profile from rust, stained, dust, water and other damages.
High quality automatic aluminum profile pur hot melt adhesive profile wrapping machine
Pur profile wrapping machine for WPC wall-board, aluminum, Window wraps plastic or metal profiles,with reel-mounted materials. Available in three versions with maximum working widths 310 mm, 400 mm and 550 mm or special size is customized. Proprietary engineering and vast wrapping experience have resulted in a great cost-to-value ratio.
一、pur hot melt adhesive profile wrapping machine features and uses:
Specially used for decorative lines and aluminum, plastic materials,
Surface is covered with PVC film and milamine paper.
Using high standard glue, it can cover all angles, arcs, bumps, grooves, curls, etc.
Suitable for building materials, furniture, table tops, doors and windows, decorative strips or related professional manufacturers.
It can perfect the surface of complex shape products.
二、Aluminum profile wrapping machine/profile packing machine features:
1. PLC control system.
2. Indicator alarms automatically when trouble occurs.
3. Photocell sensor is adopted for setting packing position;
4. The turning ring is controlled by converter.
5. Overlap rate can be adjusted according to the different OD & ID.
6. The operation is safe, stable and effective.
7. Strengthened ring for high speed running.
8. Mechanical hand holds, feeds and cuts packing material automatically.
9. Separate control panel makes operation & maintenance easily;
10. Material tension can be adjusted automatically.

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