Wide belt sanding
Wide belt sander machineWide belt sander machineWide belt sander machine

Wide belt Sander Machine BSG100R-RP

Product Description

Working width40-1000mm40-1000mm
Working thickness3-120mm3-120mm
The first group Belt speed18m/s18m/s
The second group Belt speed14m/s12m/s
Feed speed6-30m/min6-30m/min
Sandpaper Size1030*2200mm1030*2200mm
Diameter of 1st rollerΦ210mmΦ210mm
Diameter of 2nd rollerΦ190mm
Power of abrasive belt on 1st unit22Kw18.5Kw
Power of abrasive belt on 2nd unit18.5Kw11Kw
Conveyor Motor4Kw1.5Kw
Lift motor power0.25Kw0.25Kw
Brush motor power0.37Kw0.37Kw
Working pressure0.55Mpa0.55Mpa
Volume of dust collector8000m3/h8000m3/h
Speed of dust collector25-30m/s25-30m/s

Wide belt sander machine is suitable for calibrating and fine sanding laminate lumber,composite board,particle board,solid wood, panel furniture ,bamboo floor,wood door and etc. Its indexed are advanced and it is in high precision, reasonable composition and convenient operation. It has the world advanced level.

This wide belt sander is one of the necessary equipment for integrated wood and furniture manufacturing.


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