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LS-1800 Veneer Stitching Machine

Product Description

Veneer Stitching Machine can use glue make two small veneer to be one piece,veneer splicer widely used in furniture and plywood industry.

Model LS1800
Min splicing length 300mm
Min splicing width 40-1600mm
Splicing thickness 0.3-2.0mm
Splicing speed 5-50 M/min
Working table height 920mm
Splicing temperature 100-220℃
Pressure 5kgf/m2
Total power 8kw
Overall dimension 2100*2100*1700mm


The veneer stitching machine is composed of a veneer oblique grinder and a strip hot press.
The veneer stitching machine can form a certain specification of the whole veneer after oblique grinding, sizing, and hot-press splicing of short veneers.
The veneer stitching machine is suitable for splicing different tree species.
The veneer stitching machine has the characteristics of simple operation, low noise, and good dust removal effect. The spliced veneer is flat and firm, which can greatly improve material utilization, reduce material costs, and improve product quality. It is an ideal choice for enterprises to improve economic benefits.


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