Veneer Slicer
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Veneer slicer BB1131B Veneer Slicing Machine

Product Description


Model BB1131B
Max cutting size of wood block 3000*510*700mm
Blade size 3100*200*20mm
Veneer thickness 0.07-2.0mm
Cut speed 18-32pcs/min
Clamping methods Auto & manual
Total power 28Kw
Main motor power 22Kw
Wood clamping motor 3Kw
Feed motor 3Kw
Overall size 7698*4152*2808mm
Weight 19T

Veneer slicing machine is mainly for slicing solid wood, engineer wood and other composite board, working efficiency is high, and veneer thickness is uniform. It is widely adopt in decorative veneer of plywood, furniture, flooring, construction industry and so on.

Veneer slicer Characteristic

1 Double V-chutes are used for both sides the machine, with high parallel; special polymer wear-resistant material coated on the surface. Machine runs in higher stability and with less friction.

2 All switch buttons are gathered in a cabinet. Single person can operate the machine avoiding the dangerous caused by fault

3 Special designed big size driving gear runs smoothly with a low noise when it runs in a high speed.

Veneer slicer