Veneer splicer

S-1800 Veneer Sewing Machine

Product Description

This Veneer Sewing Machine lengthways join the veneer by Urea formaldehyde adhesive, veneer surface flat and no adhesive after joining

Model S1800
Splicing width 1600mm
Splicing thickness 0.3-2mm
Splicing length ≥300mm
Splicing speed 5-50m/min
Working table height 920mm
Total power 6.3kw
Working temperature 100~220℃
Dimension 2000*2000*1700mm



Veneer Sewing Machine Working principle

The core veneers (1.0-4.0mm thickness panels) after drying may have different length and thickness, and the shapes may get irregular, this core veneer composing machine can detect width, thickness, cavities of the core veneer , trimmed, glued, composed, cut to length and stacked automatically. With this machine, the veneer sewing machine with different sizes can be composed in one whole sheet.


Veneer Sewing Machine Working process

1. feeding delivery
2. plate correction
3.the former drive
4. cut and control
5. after the drive
6.docking puzzle
7.finished plate cut off

The entire operation process only by a person operation.

Finished plate, small material in the board, abandoned scrap, can be stitching, not only saves the cost, but also saves the artificial.



1.PLC control, unmanned operation, automatic process, laborsaving

2.Precise thickness checking, even thickness, mini polishing

3.Servo drive, effective overlap and joint control

4.Supported by German Festo, Danfoss, Taiwan Taida, Japanese Mitsubishi and other international to level brands.

5.High strengthened thread, improve product horizontal tensile force and flexibility, no break


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