vacuum membrane press
vacuum membrane pressvacuum membrane pressvacuum membrane pressvacuum membrane press

Vacuum membrane press WV2550E-2

Product Description


Worktable size2550×1300mm
Worktable number2
Total power33 Kw
Overall dimensions8650×2100×1150mm

Vacuum membrane press machine characteristics:

  1. Design unique, innovative, easy to operate.
  2. The high degree of automation, installation easy, simple operation, easy to learn., this machine achieved that when we need to heating then heating, when we don’t need to heat then without heating. it save much energy.
  3. Saving energy. This machine use near-infrared heating pipe, heating fast and temperature higher. Therefore it solves the problem of long time of pre-heating, and saves 30 minutes waiting time.
  4. Direct Connect vacuum pump, low noise, small size, high technology content.


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