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SPD2500C CNC Spraying Machine

Product Description

Max. spraying size2500X1200X300mm
Max. weight of door70KG
Gun reciprocate speed0-100m/min
Working pressure0.6-0.8Mpa
Total power3.55KW
Figure dimension4500×2700×2500mm

CNC Spraying Machine Feather:
1 Adopt UV, PE, PU and water paint. Suitable to paint panel furniture, door, glass and stainless steel
2 Special reversal device can make the door double side spraying easier. This improves the productivity effect. Daily spraying: 200-300 doors.
3 PLC and touch screen control system, makes the operation simple and perspicuity and you can know the machine working condition at any time.
4 Double rotary worktables improve the working efficiency
5 with Ti Al alloy integrated module for axis XYZ to get high precision, low noise and long life

6 with size memory system, can remember work piece size for further usage

7 Servo motor drive exactness, with high-speed, to get even spraying


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