Vneer dryer machine
Vneer dryer machineVneer dryer machineVneer dryer machineVneer dryer machineVneer dryer machineVneer dryer machine

S Type Veneer Dryer Machine

Product Description

Model SG40 SG35
Working width 4000mm 3300mm
Mesh Width 4100mm 3500mm
Working thickness 0.3-5mm 0.3-5mm
Working layer 1 1
Heating room length 2000*8=16000mm 2000*8=16000mm
Cooling room length 2000*2=4000mm 2000*2=4000mm
Feeding speed 2.5-25m/min 2.5-25m/min
Total power 125kw 125kw
Feeding motor 7.5*2=15kw 7.5*2=15kw
Heating motor 11*8=88kw 11*8=88kw
Cooling motor 5.5*4=22kw 5.5*4=22kw
Dry capability (changes according to thickness and temperature) 2.5m3/hour 2.2m3/hour
Heating medium Steam or thermal oil Steam or thermal oil
Working temperature 90-160℃ 90-160℃
Veneer Density 600kg/m3 600kg/m3
Initial moisture 75% 75%
Final moisture 10±2% 10±2%
Efficiency 75% 75%
Steam consumption 2.5t/h 2t/h
Weight 91T 84T

1 Veneer dryer machine is used for drying sliced or peeled veneer in the veneer production line.

2 The machine consists of inlet, drying area, cooling area, outlet. Dryer size is customized according to the production capacity, process and space, in order to improve productivity with lowest investment.


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