PUR Hotmelt Profile Wrapping Machine
PUR Hotmelt Profile Wrapping MachinePUR Hotmelt Profile Wrapping MachinePUR Hotmelt Profile Wrapping Machine

PUR Hotmelt Profile Wrapping Machine

Product Description

Introduction of Profile Wrapping Machine

Model BF350B-PUR
Max. wrapping width 350mm
Max processing thickness 120mm
Wrapping speed 0-50m/min
Total Power 13Kw
Power of main motor 2.2Kw
Power of dusting motor 0.37Kw*3
Power of PUR glue machine 8Kw
Manner of adjusting width of glue spreading Change gasket of glue spraying head
Electrical control manner PLC control, Touching screen
Overall dimension of main machine 5780Χ900Χ1900mm
Overall dimension of glue machine 1030Χ420Χ1600mm
Weight 1700kg


PUR Hotmelt Profile Wrapping Machine Machine Characteristics

It adopts high precision lip-style glue spreading machine head and uses polyurethane (PUR) glue. Glue spreading is even, glue distribution can be controlled and adhesive strength is very strong. It is upgraded products of water-base adhesive, solvent base adhesive and hot melt glue wrapping machines.

It can be used to wrap PVC, PP, PET, veneer and paper, and etc on the profile of several of lines. The working efficiency is high and the working speed can be up to 50m/min.


PUR Glue Characteristics

It doesn’t contain water and solvent and the total solids content is 100%. It is a high performance, environment friend polyurethane adhesive and meets the needs of paying more and more attention to environment from home and aboard. It has excellent resistivity against water, heat creep and solvent. Compared ordinary hot melt glue, this reactive polyurethane hot melt glue has excellent comprehensive performance. It not only has feature of solvent less adhesive, strong initial adhesive strength and quick positioning while setup for ordinary hot melt glue, but also has special performance of resistivity against water, heat, cold, creep and medium for reactive polyurethane hot melt glue. The temperature of PUR glue is 120℃ less than the temperature of ordinary glue application, 150-180℃


The application of a profile wrapping machine

A profile wrapping machine is used in the manufacturing industry to apply a decorative or protective material onto profiles, such as wood, plastic, or metal. It is commonly used in industries like furniture, cabinetry, and construction.

The application of a profile wrapping machine involves several steps:

1. Preparation: The profiles to be wrapped are prepared by cleaning, sanding, and ensuring they are free from any dust or debris.

2. Material selection: A suitable wrapping material is chosen, which can be a thin film, paper, or veneer with the desired color, pattern, or texture.

3. Loading: The material is loaded into the profile wrapping machine. Some machines may require the material to be pre-cut into strips or rolls for easier handling.

4. Heating: The machine heats the material to make it more pliable and adhesive. This step depends on the type of wrapping material being used.

5. Wrapping: The profiles are fed into the machine, and the material is automatically applied onto their surfaces. The machine uses rollers, belts, or vacuum systems to ensure proper adhesion and smooth application.

6. Trimming and cutting: Excess material is trimmed off using knives or blades at the edges of the profiles. The machine can also cut the material into precise lengths if required.

7. Finishing touches: Additional processes like embossing, grooving, or pressing may be performed to enhance the appearance or functionality of the wrapped profiles.

8. Inspection and quality control: The wrapped profiles are inspected for any defects or imperfections. This ensures that only high-quality finished products are delivered.

By using a profile wrapping machine, manufacturers can efficiently wrap profiles with consistent results, saving time and labor compared to manual wrapping methods.


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