Profile spray machine
Profile spraying machineProfile spraying machinespraying machinespraying machinespraying machine

Profile Spraying Machine

Product Description

Profile Spraying Machine is for spraying slightness work piece. This machine has high automatization; symmetrical spraying surface; accurate control; high producing efficiency and high cost performance. It is suitable for UV, PU, PE, NV, etc. It has UV lacquer reclaiming equipment to reduce waste.

It can be used alone and also can be equipped with line drier to make the work piece dried as soon as spraying finished.

1Profile Spraying Machine with 3 pieces Janpanese IWATA brand spraying guns, max can install 6 pieces.

2 Adopt Taiwan Jely brand diaphragm pump

3 With paint recycle systm, the overspray paint can flow into tank in bottom of the machine, fliter and reuse

Working width10-400mm10-600mm
Working thickness10-100mm10-100mm
Min. working length700mm700mm
Feeding speed0-50m/min0-50m/min
Working pressure0.5-0.8Mpa0.5-0.8Mpa
Total power2.25Kw2.25Kw
Figure Dimension3500×1700×2000mm3500×2000×2000mm



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