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Linear Guide Knife Grinder Machine

Product Description

Max grinding length3200mm
Working table size3200*180mm
Grinding head power4kw
Sliding power0.75kw
Linear speed of grinding wheel15m/s
Sliding speed of grinding plate0-25m/min
Tilting range of the working table±90°
Tilting range of the grinding wheel±5°
Speed of the sliding plateStepless speed change
Form for grinding wheelCup Style
Size of grinding wheel (mm)Φ200x110x32



1  Linear guide knife grinder machine mainly grind all type of linear knives, like guillotine knives,slicer knife, peeling machine knife, granulator knife, cutting paper knife and shearing Blades.

2  Linear guide knife grinder body is a design of gantry body, with the high-quality steel weld; stress relieved eliminating the internal stress. The body has high strength and good rigidity. No shrinking in centre of body.

3  Job accuracy of machine is 0.01mm.

4  The worktable is the electromagnetic chuck. It is very convenience to clamp knife. The worktable is easy to adjust the angle by worm gear. The width of the magnet is 180mm.

5 The vertical movement of the grinding head adopts the ball screw, to ensure the accuracy, also the type of vertical slide: Conventional.

6 Adopt Taiwan linear guide and ensure the steady horizontal movement of grinding head.

7 Converter motor is used for sliding plate; it is smooth in running and commutation freely.


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