Lacquer Sanding Machine
Lacquer Sanding Machinewide belt sanding machine

Lacquer Sanding Machine

Product Description

Lacquer sanding machine

Working width20-1300mm20-1000mm20-630mm
Working thickness3-120mm3-120mm3-90mm
Feed speed3-18m/min3-18m/min3-18m/min
Size of abrasive belt2200*1330mm2200*1010mm1900*630mm
Total power19.76Kw14.7Kw7.9kw
Speed required for dust collector25-30m/s25-30m/s25-30m/s
Overall dimension2200*1100*2000mm2000*1100*2000mm1780*1100*1760mm
    other structure R-R, also available
  1. Function and Characteristics:

Lacquer sanding machine is mainly used for UV, PU, PE, NC lacquered sanding and polishing, after processed with by this machine, the plank surface is smooth and uniform. It is ideal equipment machine for furniture, floor board, door-windows, and craft.

  1. Standard installation:

(1). The first and second rollers are 30 shore rubber rollers

(2). Digital thickness display.

(3). Photoelectric control equipment which control vibrating of abrasive belt along center.

(4). Brush roller cleaning the panel after sanding

(5). Frequency system controls the speed of feeding belt and sanding roller


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