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Product Description

ModelHX-1325KS (Single Spindle)HX-1325KS-T2(Double Spindles)
Working Area(X、Y、Z)1300mm×2500mm×200mm1300mm×2500mm×200mm
WorktableVacuum tableVacuum table
Spindle motor4.5kw4.5kw*2
Driving motorStep MotorStep Motor
Max. Traveling Speed1-30m/min1-30m/min
Max. Cutting Speed15m/min15m/min
Control SystemDSP Control SystemNC studio Control System
SoftwareType3/ Artcam/ Ucancam/ Caxa/ Mastercam/ UG /JDType3/ Artcam/ Ucancam/ Caxa/ Mastercam/ UG/ JD
Guide wayTaiwan linear rail for X、Y、Z axis
Working precision±0.05mm±0.05mm
FeatureVacuum worktable can do quick workpieces feed in and feed out.1Double spindle can working alternately or process two same workpieces at the same time.

2 High power motor improves cutting efficiency and working efficiency

3 Oblique teeth are resistant to wear and improve working precision.

4 Vacuum worktable can do quick workpieces feed in and feed out.

CNC router suitable for all kinds of solid wood, MDF, panel wood furniture, door, cabinet door WPC


1Main spindle is water-cooling or wind cooling

2The machine body is made of weld steel, which ensures a more stable working table. Steel support arm has ability to do high-strength cut

3Dust proof design improves the ball screw & linear guide using –life under extremely harsh


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