Brush sanding
Brush sandingBrush sandingBrush sandingBrush sandingBrush sanding

Brush Sanding Machine QSG630

Product Description

Working Width630mm
Working Thickness5-110mm
Feed Speed5-25m/min
Number of Brush Roller4
Feeding Speed3-15.6m/s
Magnitude of the swing±25mm
Main motor power1.5kw*4
Total Motor Power9.47Kwkw
Overall Dimensions2800*1400*1520mm

Brush sanding machine function:

1 Brush Sanding disc and roller ways of combining,for sanding uneven and irregular surfaces are wooden doors, cabinets and other enterprises the best choice.

2 Adopt the advanced model for 8 disc+2 rollers, the compound model of reason able sand gift, each of the unit can individual winging up and down.


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