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brush sanding machinepolish sanding machinepolish sanding machinepolish sanding machinepolish sanding machinebrush sanding machine

Brush Sander Machine QSG1300P6

Brush sander for hard wood, softwood, MDF, veneer surface panel, plywood and painted panel

Product Description

Working Width20-630mm20-1000mm20-1300mm
Working Thickness5-120mm5-120mm5-120mm
Min working length400mm400mm400mm
Brush disc speed0—400r/min0—400r/min0—400r/min
Brush disc amount779
Cross brush speed0-400r/min0-400r/min0-400r/min
Cross brush amount668
Brush roller speed0-400r/min0-400r/min0-400r/min
Brush roller amount222
Oscillating speed30times/min30times/min30times/min
Feeding speed0-18m/min0-18m/min0-18m/min
Working table height900mm900mm900mm
Brush disc diameterφ180mm*20φ180mm*20φ180mm*20
Cross brush diameterφ300mm*35φ300mm*35φ300mm*35
Brush roller diameterφ300mm*50φ300mm*50φ300mm*50
Brush disc power1.5kw1.5kw1.5kw
Cross brush board2.2kw2.2kw2.2kw
Brush roller power1.5kw*21.5kw*22.2kw*2
Feeding power3kw3kw4kw
Working table lifting1.5kw1.5kw1.5kw
Lifting power0.25kw*40.25kw*40.37kw*4
Oscillating power0.25kw*40.25kw*40.37kw*4
Working air pressure≥0.6Mpa≥0.6Mpa≥0.6Mpa
Volume of dust collector8200m3/h10000m3/h12000m3/h
Dust outlet diameterφ120mm*5φ120mm*8φ150mm*8

Brush sander machine function:

1 Brush Sander disc and roller ways of combining,for sanding uneven and irregular surfaces are wooden doors, cabinets and other enterprises the best choice.

2 Adopt the advanced model for  disc+rollers+cross brush, the compound model of reason able sand gift, each of the unit can individual winging up and down.


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