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BB1540 Vertical Veneer Slicer

Product Description

Model BB1540
Max cutting size 4000*800*800mm
Blade size 4450*235*19mm
Veneer thickness 0.2-3mm
Cutting speed 18-90pcs/min
Wood clamping method Hydraulic
Main motor 90kw
Blade feeding motor 7kw*2sets  servo motor
Hydraulic motor 15+4kw
Blade gap adjusting motor 2kw
Veneer conveyor motor 4kw
Overall size 6400*5700*4200mm
Weight 45T

Veneer Slicer Function:

Veneer Slicer machine is mainly used for slicing thin veneer and is a domestic innovation. Compared with slicer which cuts from bottom, advantages of this model is high automation, high veneer output and high cutting speed, the working efficiency and working quality are very prominent. It is widely used in face veneer processing, and meet all customers demand.



  1. Feeding transmission adopts servo motor driving the ball screw, to ensure cutting precision
  2. Left and right slide rail are liner guide rails which make feeding movement with low resistance and high precision.
  3. When the blade rotates, the pressure bar keep still, so the adjustment of blade angle will not change the pressure gap during slicing veneer.
  4. Pressure bar adjustment: the use of push and pull bolt combination, easy to operate.
  5. The adjustment of the blade gap adopts the combination of the servo motor and the hydraulic locking, so that the adjustment is accurate.
  6. Adopt hydraulic knife pressure device, reduce the knife installation time, and improve efficiency.
  7. Not need use knife turning function when sharpen knife, only using turning device when change knife and pressure bar. There are knife holder turning protect device on the both sides of the machine
  8. Hydraulic clamp wood adopts long and short claw, clip wood quickly.
  9. In addition to the main control panel, there is a small control box in the front of veneer conveyor system, the operation is convenient.
  10. This slicer is with a pull rope control safety protection device and inspection safety protection device.


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