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Veneer Slicer Machine

Product Description

Vertical Veneer Slicer Machine

Max allowed wood size 3000x450x500mm
Size of the planer tool 3200x200x19mm
 Slicing thickness 0.2-3mm
 Slicing speed max.80pcs/min
 Wood clamping method Hydraulic control
 Total power 49.3kw
 Main motor 37kw
Hydraulic motor 5.5kw
 Knife-holder feeding motor 5.5kw servo motor
 Circulating heat water motor 0.75kw
 Veneer transport motor 0.55kw
 Size of body 6800x4600x3700mm
 Weight 21T


Veneer slicer machine mainly for slicing solid wood, engineer wood and other composite board, working efficiency is high, and veneer thickness is uniform. It is widely adopt in decorative veneer of plywood, furniture, flooring, construction industry and so on.



1Energy can be feed back by the special design, and cutting speed improved to 80pcs/min

2 To guarantee precise veneer thickness, we use ball screw with servo motor. To avoid veneer scratch we used auto blade back system

3 Use hydraulic system, log clamping become more convenient for operator and improves efficiency

4 Control cabinet combines electric and hydraulic system, make it easy for single operator

5 Automatic hydraulic blade holding system, and log holder auto turn back system are fitted there, grinding and replacing the blade become so easy and quickly

6 Heating system in blade holder and press bar, avoids stain in the veneer to improve veneer quality

7 Pneumatic brake systems can stop the machine at any required position, and restart promptly. It is convenient for the operator to adjust the log, and safety also guaranteed

8 Self lubricating center can automatically apply lubricant regularly to every moving mechanism; guarantee movement normally smoothly and precisely.


The application of a veneer slicing machine

The veneer slicing machine is used in the production of veneer sheets. It is utilized to slice logs or blocks of wood into thin, uniform veneer layers.

These veneer sheets are commonly used in various applications such as furniture manufacturing, interior decoration, plywood production, and architectural woodworking.

The machine ensures precise and efficient slicing of wood, resulting in high-quality veneer sheets that can be further processed and utilized in different industries.


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