Automatic Spraying Machine
Automatic Spraying MachineAutomatic Spraying Machine

Automatic Spraying Machine

Product Description

Automatic Spraying Machine is for surface and side paint of furniture panels, doors, cabinet doors etc.

It is suitable for PU, PE, UV, NC, Water Paint etc.


Spraying system for Automatic Spraying Machine

-Reciprocators adopt OMRON control system. The max. speed can reach 100m/min. there are 2 reciprocators of each machine. Every reciprocator max equips 4 spraying guns and a relevant material-supply pump

-The grating scanner at the entrance can measure the width of work piece to make the stroke of guns and turn on/off time more exact. And at the same time the waste is reduced.

Transport system for Automatic Spraying Machine

-The main steel structure adopts bending and jointing of cool roll steel plates.

-The transport belt is made of PU material, with high abrasion and chemical eroding resistant. The belt is with guiding strip to ensure it not be off track. Spraying conveyor and unloading conveyor are belt type. The loading conveyor is roller type.

Max. spraying width1300mm600mm
Max. Working thickness50mm100mm
Max. Feeding speed5.2m/min5.2m/min
Air pressure0.5-0.8M pa0.5-0.8M pa
Total power14.5kw10kw
Overall dimension4800*6700*2500mm4800*3800*2500mm


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