Veneer patching machine

Veneer Patching Machine

Product Description

Model WB60 WB100 WB130 WB150
Mending veneer thickness 0.8~3MM
Mending veneer size(butterfly model) 40×60 mm 60×100 mm 75×130 mm 90×150 mm
Mending speed 3~5s/time
Power 4.25KW 6.05 KW
Compressed air 4~6kg/cm2
Normal oil pressure 16Mpa
Diameter of cylinder Φ50 mm Φ63 mm Φ80 mm Φ80 mm
Overall dimension 1650*1300*1750(mm) 1810L×1500W×1750H mm
Approx weight 1300 kg 1500 kg

Veneer patching machine in particular wood-based panels plywood production process, we need to repair natural defects board. For a long time, China’s plywood production enterprise is mostly hand-repair method approach, even with a knife die direct repair, and can only make out shapes and blocks, and then manually filling and paper tape or hot melt adhesive filaments, the process material costs, labor costs are also time-consuming, depending on the mend after being significantly affect the appearance.

This veneer patching machine adopts a pressing mold, a mold and the upper and lower punches in a work process, completes all patching work automatically, fill industry gaps. The machine is suitable for a variety of wood veneer repair. It is simple, mending speed high, save a lot of manpower, reduce production costs and improve the quality level of the board.


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