Principle of Profile wrapping machine

The principle of the Profile wrapping machine is that the packaging materials rotate around the goods with uniform speed through the vertical rotary system, and the tension of the packaging materials is adjusted through the stretching mechanism to pack the packaging materials into a tight whole, forming a spiral regular shape on the surface.
The packaging materials of Profile wrapping machine can be tensile film, antirust composite paper, braided tape, pearl cotton, etc., while the packaging materials of ordinary winding machine are only tensile film. The choice of consumables for aluminum profile wrapping machine is relatively wide. Profile wrapping machine is mainly suitable for plastic profiles, aluminum, plate and other industries. The inner diameter of the rotating ring and the inner and outer diameter of the stretch film of the Profile wrapping machine can be customized according to the needs of customers. The supporting lines can be roller conveyor line, belt conveyor line, chain conveyor line, chain plate conveyor line, etc.

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