Preparation for spraying machine before spraying

Preparation for spraying machine before spraying
Before spraying, the sprayer must prepare all the equipment. The prepared items include diluent, paint mixer, weighing scale, matching equipment and paint. Prepare all tools to avoid unnecessary time loss.
Prepare for coating mixing: confirm whether the prepared coating is correct, and then it can be mixed. Mix the coating and the coating fully and evenly, and measure the viscosity of the coating. If the viscosity is too high, add the diluent properly to adjust to the appropriate viscosity.
2. Installation and inspection of spraying machine
(1) Install all parts and auxiliary accessories of the prepared spraying machine to install and connect correctly.
(2) Check whether the power source operates normally before spraying, then inhale the coating, check whether the high-pressure coating cylinder pressurizes normally, whether the feeding hose leaks, whether the connection between accessories is tight, whether the spray gun and filter screen are blocked, etc. If any fault is found, it shall be eliminated in time.
(3) The temperature and humidity of the spraying environment shall be controlled and measured according to the coating environment conditions, so that the coating operation can be carried out. Weather factors shall also be considered for outdoor coating. During the period from spraying to drying of coating surface, rainy days, high wind speed and windy sand shall be avoided.

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