Precautions for operation of double side sander

The sanding machine is used in the woodworking panel processing industry, the floor and wall panel processing industry, the bamboo and wood handicraft processing industry, the bamboo and wood toy processing industry, and the developed sanding machine equipment, with simple operation, high production efficiency, mature and stable technology, and automatic production. The assembly lines are perfectly connected to form various automatic production lines.

Precautions for operation of double side sander:

1. Before turning on the power switch, make sure that all switches are in the OFF position.

2. Before working, check the cleanness and sharpness of the abrasive belt and whether the installation direction is correct (the arrow on the back of the abrasive belt points to the same direction as the rubber wheel).

3. To adjust the correct processing thickness, be sure to pay attention that there are no metal and other accessories on the workpiece to avoid damage to the machine.

4. When the operator is working, once the workpiece is placed on the conveyor belt, his hands should leave immediately.

5. Do not manually adjust the table height of the sander without permission, so as not to cause table inclination or data error of the lift controller.

6. The speed of the conveyor belt adopts infinitely variable speed adjustment. The speed should be adjusted during the operation of the machine.

7. Please clean up the inside of the machine after work, remove the sandpaper when cleaning the inside, and put the sandpaper back on after cleaning. It is recommended to loosen the abrasive belt after the work is completed to avoid the gradual relaxation of the abrasive belt due to long-term tension.

8. When the operator leaves the post, it must be shut down first to prevent chatting with others during the operation.

9. The operator must be familiar with the performance, use and operation precautions of the machine before operation.

10. The operator shall not wear clothes that are easily involved in the machine, such as ties, loose clothes, etc. Those with long hair should roll up their hair or wear a hood. Gloves are strictly prohibited to operate the machine.

11. Do not remove the safety device on the sander at will.

12. Do not place items other than work objects on the workbench, so as to avoid foreign objects jamming and causing damage to the machine.

Double side sanderDouble side sander


Sanding machines involve a wide range of industries and have a wide variety of categories, but people in the industry generally call those with automatic feeding systems as sanding machines, while others are called belt machines, grinding machines, polishing machines, etc. For materials and objects that are uneven, uneven thickness, and do not meet the process requirements, use abrasive cloth, grinding wheel, sandpaper, scouring pad, polishing wheel, etc. to physically remove the unnecessary parts, and complete the production requirements to make them more smooth and smooth. The thickness is uniform and consistent, which is more in line with the process requirements, and is a method to make it meet the standard.

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