Precautions for planer and sander machine

  Precautions for planer and sander machine
  1. Users are not allowed to adjust the high-pressure roller and the sanding amount should not be too large, which is easy to cause the workpiece to hit back and hurt people.
  2. The grounding of the machine must be reliable. It is strictly forbidden for non electrical professionals to connect power to the machine or repair the electronic control system. It is strictly forbidden to repair the machine with live line. Professional electrical personnel should conduct regular electrical safety inspection on the machine. Do not dismantle or change the safety protection device of the machine without permission.
  3. The dust removal pipe of the machine should be made of metal materials and have good grounding, which is particularly important for grinding paint and resin materials, or it may cause fire due to electrostatic discharge and dust explosion in serious cases.
  On the premise of no fault, the main power must be turned off when all the belt stops, otherwise the belt will run out and the photoelectric and travel switch will be damaged.
  The transformer can not be connected with any external load, and can only be used by this machine.

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