Precautions for Curve sanding machine

Precautions for Curve sanding machine
1. Pay attention to safety during operation to prevent fingers from getting stuck or colliding with rotating brush disc or workpiece.
2. Before operation, check whether all parts of the machine are intact, especially whether the brush disc and bristles are normal and whether they can operate normally.
3. Before use, the workpiece should be placed at the designated position, the working parameters and working speed of the sander should be adjusted, and the machine can operate normally.
4. Pay attention to maintain proper pressure and speed during operation, not too fast or too slow, and maintain stable operation.
5. In the process of use, the machine must be operated in strict accordance with the operating instructions of the machine. It is not allowed to arbitrarily adjust the working parameters of the machine or modify the machine structure.
6. In the process of use, the brush disc and brush bristles should be cleaned frequently to prevent dust accumulation on the brush bristles or scratching the workpiece by the brush disc.
7. After use, all parts of the sander must be thoroughly cleaned and maintained to ensure the long-term stable operation of the machine.

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