Pneumatic veneer shears can provide good cutting accuracy and sensitivity

The pneumatic veneer clipper fixed on a light alloy knife holder clips easily and fast, taking only 1/20 second per stroke approximately.The knife falls with high speed onto the polyurethane roller anvil, making the clipping highly efficient without stopping the feeding of veneer . The maximum Veneer feeding speed can reach 55m/min.Designed elaborately and made from wear-proof material, the cylinders are durable and reliable in service.Controlled through steppless variable drive, the veneer feeding speed can easily be adapted to various conditions.The clipper can automatically cut veneer on pre-fixed sizes and also be operated manually to cut-off defects, giving good cutting accuracy and sensibility.

The pneumatic veneer clipper suitable to shear the veneer which has been peeled from spindle less veneer lathe. The blade is fixed on a light aolly knife holder, and cuts the veneer against the supporting drum. It will take about 1/20 second for one stroke.This model Veneer Clipper has obtained CE certification, and has been sold well in Turkish market.

The pushing device adopts the advanced machine guide-way structure with precise input and positioning, which solves the hard problem of non-uniform cutting.

No contamination to the material, save cost and convenient maintenance.

Novelty structure, advanced and rational design is easy and simple to handle.

Both knife rest and press plate adopt cast iron with good stability.

The feeding attachment particularly fit for cutting the edge sealing wood strip.

Plywood Veneer Clipping Machine is a lathe to cut the thin veneer in to the width you need

Cutting spindle and conveyer adopt servo control system to ensure high automation,

clipping precision

The max.feeding&clipping speed is 100m/min

Easy-operation.Need to set the procedure before clipping according to your demand

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