Maintenance of Glue Spreader Machine

In order to better use the Glue Spreader Machine, correct maintenance can extend the service life of the machine.

1. Glue Spreader Machine should be checked before use every day to find out that the foreign body is cleaned in time, check whether the equipment is normal lubricated, and whether the motion component is flexible.

2. After the trial operation is normal, inject rubber in the gum, then reasonably adjust the gap between the tape roller according to the thickness of the single board, the viscosity of the rubber fluid, and the gap between the rubber roller and the gum roller.

3. Pay attention to cleaning up the surface of the veneer during the glue process to prevent sharp debris from scratching the rubber layer covered with the surface of the rubber roller.

4. After a long period of stop and after the daily work, in order to prevent the rubber solidification, it is necessary to thoroughly clean up the adhesive machine, clean the rubber roller, extract roller and gum, and splashing the rubber fluid splashed into the fuselage. It must be completely cleared. Pay attention to dry water stains after cleaning to prevent rust.

5. During the discontinuation of the Glue Spreader Machine, it should be restored to the factory state; adjust the glue roller and extrusion roller back to the initial position, the adjustment of the rotating rubber roller The tight spring of the press and the glue roller is completely relaxed, and the components and equipment maintenance are fully lubricated.

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