Knowledge of Vacuum membrane machine

  The Vacuum membrane machine has two functions of manual and automatic. It is easy to operate and has high production efficiency. It adopts double heating on the bottom. It is suitable for all kinds of PVC mask, such as imitation wood, imitation leather and so on. It is used for surface decoration of all kinds of panel furniture, sound, decorative materials, etc., especially for the surface concave and convex pattern lines and the coating of various shapes. Its main features are fire prevention, waterproof, acid and alkali resistance. Especially interior decoration, no pollution, no smell, fast installation, beautiful and generous, is the ideal equipment for home decoration material industry.
  The Vacuum membrane machine has the advantages of firm suction and smooth covering, automatic control of temperature and vacuum pressure, and simple operation, It is an ideal processing equipment for paint free door and cabinet door manufacturers. The equipment can apply various PVC films on furniture, kitchenware, speaker, craft door, decorative wallboard and other panel furniture, and can also be used for heat transfer film and single veneer pasting after installing silicone rubber plate. Our factory is specialized in designing, producing and processing woodworking machinery, using far-infrared heating and vacuum coating film Technology, can quickly paste PVC wood decorative sheet, regardless of the plane, curved surface, modeling, complex structure of the opposite sex components can be completed at one time, the side of the lamination.
  The coated products have rich patterns, no color difference on the surface, high smoothness, waterproof and moisture-proof, and firm bonding, which not only eliminates the pollution of harmful substances in the paint on human body and the environment, but also saves the paint cost and labor cost, shortens the production period, and makes the products truly become high-grade, affordable, healthy and comfortable new environmental protection decorative materials.

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