Function and application field of Lacquer sanding machine

Function and application field of Lacquer sanding machine
Lacquer sanding machine is a kind of equipment instead of manual polishing paint surface. It has remarkable effect in improving production efficiency, improving product rate and reducing labor intensity. Because the surface coating of paint is very thin, the process requirements can not sand through the paint coating, so it is a special equipment with high precision requirements and an important equipment in coating equipment.
The Lacquer sanding machine is generally composed of the whole frame, the lifting system of the working table, the conveying system of the working table, the pressing material system, the sanding frame system, the dust cleaning system and the pneumatic control system of the whole circuit.
1、 Application of Lacquer sanding machine

  1. Paint polishing: after grinding, the surface roughness of the workpiece can be eliminated, and the finish can be improved to prepare for the topcoat process. This equipment can be used on a single machine or connected with PE paint and PU paint;
  2. Thick edge grinding: after plate stacking and spraying, the plate surface will be thick on four sides, which can be eliminated by grinding;
  3. Pre treatment grinding: polishing the workpiece before painting, which can eliminate the black edge phenomenon;
  4. It is composed of assembly line, matching roll coating line and spraying line, which realizes production automation and improves production efficiency.
    2、 Structure of sand rack
    Lacquer sanding machine is generally composed of double sand frame, and can also be customized single sanding frame and floating sander to meet different process requirements.
    3、 Working principle of Lacquer sanding machine
    The abrasive belt is connected into a ring according to the process, which is set on the sanding rubber roller, and the upper sanding frame is pneumatically tensioned. The sand belt maintains a certain tension, and the sanding roller rotates at the required speed to drive the belt to rotate at a constant speed. The workpiece is transported through the belt at a constant speed, and the height of the worktable is adjusted appropriately. The plate passes through the surface of the abrasive belt under the appropriate pressure to physically remove various defects on the paint surface and automatically polish the oil Paint the surface, thus sand out the ideal effect.
    4、 Application field of Lacquer sanding machine
    Lacquer sanding machine can be used in panel furniture, wardrobe, cabinet, wooden door, floor, external wall insulation materials and other fields

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