What are the four major components of the vacuum membrane machine?

Vacuum membrane machine is a very important type of machinery in daily life, so what are the four major components of vacuum membrane machine, let’s find out.

1. The automatic conveying mechanism can ensure that the printed matter does not overlap and enter the composite part during transmission. Generally, it is controlled by pneumatic or friction mode, and the conveying is accurate and high-precision. When the printed matter with small format is composited, it also meets the above requirements.

2. The composite part includes a composite roll set and a calender roll set. The composite roller group is composed of silicone heating pressure roller and pressure roller. The hot pressure roller is a hollow roller with a heating device inside, and the surface is forged with hard chrome, and has been polished and finely ground; the temperature of the hot pressure roller is tracked and sampled by a sensor, and the computer is calibrated at any time; the adjustment of the composite pressure adopts an eccentric cam mechanism, and the pressure It can be adjusted steplessly. The calender roll set is basically the same as the compound roll set, which is composed of chrome-plated pressure roll and silicone pressure roll, but without heating device. The main function of the calender roller group is: after the pre-coated plastic film is combined with the printed matter through the compound roller group, the surface brightness is not high, and then the calender roller group is squeezed twice, and the surface brightness and bonding strength are greatly improved.

3. Transmission system The transmission system is driven by a high-power motor controlled by a computer. After a first-stage gear deceleration, it is driven by a three-stage chain drive to drive the movement of the paper feeding mechanism and the rotation of the compound part and the silicone pressure roller of the calender mechanism.

4. Computer control system The computer control system uses a microprocessor, and the hardware configuration is composed of a main board, a digital key board, an optical isolation board, a power board, and a stepping motor power drive board.

The above are the four major components of the vacuum membrane machine. If you want to know more, please call us for consultation.

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