Eight points for attention of Lacquer sanding machine

Eight points for attention of Lacquer sanding machine
⒈ when the paint sander is running, there may be cracks and cracks at any time when the sand disc, grinding wheel, abrasive belt and polishing wheel are running. It is necessary to wear glasses, helmet and mask and other corresponding protective equipment during operation.

  1. When the machine is running, its limbs are forbidden to touch abrasive belt, grinding wheel, grinding head and polishing wheel.
  2. The machine without effective protection method can not be used.
  3. When sanding, there will be a lot of dust, so wear a mask.
  4. Sanding equipment should be installed in a dry, ventilated, no direct vision area.
  5. when using automatic Lacquer sanding machine, it is easy to have problems, damage equipment and affect production.
  6. In case of belt sanding, the belt deviation should be adjusted in time.
  7. For wheel sanding, the accurate running direction of the grinding wheel must be recognized, and the grinding wheel shall be locked to avoid flying out.

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