What is double side sander?

A double side sander is a woodworking tool used to create a perfectly smooth sanded surface on two sides of a piece of material. The tool consists of two sanding heads that rotate in opposite directions and can tilt independently. One head is for coarse sanding and the other for fine-sanding applications.

double side sander

Double side sanders are used for jobs such as prepping surfaces for painting, smoothing edges before joining pieces together, and for finalizing finishes. They can save time and produce a superior finish more quickly than hand-sanding.

To use a double side sander, secure the material to be sanded in a vise that is attached to the table. Adjust each sanding head so that it is perpendicular to the material and make sure they are both set at the same speed. Start with the coarse-sanding head and begin sanding. Make sure to keep the head moving in one direction to ensure an even finish. Then switch to the finer sanding head to finish the job. As you sand, check the results periodically by wiping off any sawdust that accumulates on the surface.

When selecting a double side sander, there are several factors to consider. Look for a tool that is well-built and has a durable motor that is capable of achieving a high rate of speed. The sanding heads should have a range of speeds so that you can control the finish. It is also important to pick a sander that has adjustable tables so that you can easily adjust the tilt of the sanding heads.

Using a double side sander can improve the quality of your woodworking projects while saving time. Choose the right tool and use it correctly to get the most out of this heavy-duty machine.

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