What are the details to be paid attention to when using the veneer dryer

What are the details to be paid attention to when using the veneer dryer
Veneer dryer is a kind of equipment used for wood drying. It needs to master certain skills. The operator is required to be familiar with the composition and structure of the machine and understand the instructions for use. The dryer has the advantages of large workload, high working efficiency and good drying effect. Let’s know some precautions together
1. Attention shall be paid to the use of the dryer: do not place too many boards for drying at one time. The thickness and size of the placed wood shall be uniform
2. Pay attention to the ventilation of the dryer: during the drying operation, the internal temperature of the machine is high, so the heat dissipation of the machine itself should be done well. The heat dissipation around the dryer should also be done well, and the heat dissipation should be kept in normal working condition
3. When it is not in use, it is necessary to clean it regularly. At the same time, it is very necessary to refuel some parts. Check the machine regularly and do a good job of maintenance
4. The technical parameters of the dryer shall be adjusted and controlled in combination with the drying conditions. In case of any abnormal failure in the use of the dryer, timely inspection and maintenance shall be carried out
Correct use process and appropriate maintenance measures can reduce the frequency of failure and extend the service life of the equipment

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