What are the daily maintenance of veneer dryer

What are the daily maintenance of veneer dryer
Veneer dryer is the best veneer drying equipment at present, which uses hot air stove to supply heat and the fan blows hot air to one side to dry veneer. In normal use, we need to carry out routine maintenance of the dryer. Let’s see what needs to be maintained.
1. During normal use, the lubricating oil should be changed after the fan runs for 72 hours to ensure the normal operation of the fan.
2. When starting the equipment, it is necessary to supply heat first and then turn on the fan.
3. If the heat sink is blocked by foreign matters, it should be cleaned in time, otherwise the heat exchange will be affected.
4. If the screw is loose, it should be tightened in time to avoid affecting the normal use of the equipment.
Veneer dryer is not easy to use, maintenance is the key, a little time of maintenance, you can make the dryer work in good condition.

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