Daily maintenance of Double side sander

Daily maintenance of Double side sander
Double sided sanding machine conveyor belt has high friction coefficient, can effectively absorb the processed products, can store and remove the sawdust generated in the processing process, so it is widely used in the sanding treatment of wood, stone or other plates. Today, Mingcheng Xiaobian would like to introduce some common sense of sanding machine conveyor belt.
First of all, the double-sided sander conveyor belt should have these characteristics: uniform stripes, uniform thickness, wear resistance, anti sliding, cushioning and shock absorption, stable operation, stable size, high friction, strong adsorption force, flat joint, ensuring high precision of sander, uniform thickness, high elasticity, high flatness, and smooth sliding on the workbench.
Next, let’s talk about the daily protection of the conveyor belt of the double-sided sander

  1. When the belt of sanding machine is working, it is necessary to select suitable temperature and chemical environment.
  2. According to the characteristics of conveyor belt materials and application environment, select the appropriate conveyor belt.
  3. Pay attention to the smoothness of the idler, but do not grease the conveyor belt. Also to prevent the material from covering the roller, resulting in poor reversal, damage to the conveyor belt.
  4. Prevent the sanding machine from starting with load, and ensure that there is no material residue on the conveyor belt when it is shut down.
  5. In order to prevent the sanding machine conveyor belt deviation phenomenon, we should pay more attention to and protect it. Once there is deviation, measures should be taken to correct it in time;
  6. When the sanding machine conveyor belt is found to be damaged, timely repair should be carried out to prevent the expansion of the damaged mouth.
  7. Prevent sanding machine from being blocked by structure and block materials. Sharp objects are not allowed to scratch the surface of conveyor belt.
  8. Adjust the tension in time to prevent unnecessary material stretching due to relaxation.
    9, sanding machine conveyor belt surface stains can be washed with neutral detergent, perhaps use alcohol, pine scrub. The use of pure benzene chemicals is prohibited.

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