Curve sanding machine meets the needs of the furniture industry polishing

Curve sanding machine
Curve sanding machine

This curve sanding machine is patented product which widely used by most of the furniture factory dut to the good applicability to the processed workpieces, such as the white wood workpiece, PU/PE/UV primer workpieces etc., sanding wooden material like kitchen cabinet,window,door,furniture…, it is mainly used for wood door sanding.
Function and Charact
1. The vertical and horizontal combination sanding machine has excellent sanding effect for solid wood doors, compound doors, moulded doors and furniture parts.
2. This machine adopts foreign modular design concept, each group of sanding units used in Germany inverter, stepless speed, without replacement and belt mesh cloth, can meet the different primer or white stubble polishing.
3. Each unit is designed for sanding withdrawable sand shelf, or replace emery cloth sanding can parts more portable, easy operation and maintenance.
4. The machine is integral machine, and the working platform is fixed, that is, the platform is always at the same operation height, and the base face of each sand frame is the same horizontal line. The operation interface is combined with external built-in phase, and the built-in interface is open, and it is easier to operate.
5. The sand frame of this machine is the whole lifting type, and there are two sets of lifting devices. The first set of equipment can make the sand light unit of each group lift and fall as a whole. The second sets of devices can make the sanding units of each group rise and fall independently, so as to conform to the different time of sand belt and adjust the height of sand rack at any time during the sanding process, so as to change the grinding effect.
6. This curve sanding machine polished white embryo height difference in 0-25MM, oil film in 0-20MM, the effect is ideal.
1,What size of curve sanding machine is right for me?
pls kindly let me know your workpiece size,we will recommend to you.
2,After knowing the size, then which model is right for me?
You could choose right model sanding machine,or pls kindly let me know your workpiece’s size, then we could recommend you right model with best price.
3, After knowing the right model, then what’s price?
Different model with different price.You could reference price top,finally price depends on our discuss result.
4, What’s your warranty?
In 12 months.
5, What’s youe lead time?
In 15 to 30 working days.
6, What’s your delivery term?
FOB Qingdao China usually, also can be CIF/DDU/DDP to your side if you need.
7, What’s your payment term?
30% T/T deposit, balance T/T payable before delivery after inspection
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