The control of glue spreader to bonding quality

In the work of glue spreader, its quality control is very important. Its purpose is to ensure the high quality of adhesive, reduce the difference of different batches of adhesive properties, improve safety and reliability, firm durability, high efficiency and economy. It is not easy to make the glue spreader achieve the above goals by setting the program in the process of machine design and electromechanical cooperation.
The quality of bonding determines the success or failure of the application of bonding structure. Only high-quality bonding can ensure a more reliable connection, make people believe in the effect of bonding, and win praise for the high-end application of gluing machine in bonding technology.
The so-called high-quality bonding is that the bonding structure is firm and reliable, which can meet the performance requirements of strength, rigidity and durability. Of course, as we said before, the first requirement for high-quality bonding is: high-quality adhesive and high-quality glue spreader.
In many years of R & D and production, it has been found that the quality of bonding is affected by many factors. To understand the influence degree of these factors, we can eliminate the possible soft ribs in the bonding technology through the improvement of the glue spreader, control the overall quality of the relevant factors that affect the bonding performance, and provide a real guarantee for the reliable application of the bonding technology.

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