Common problems and solutions of planer

Nowadays, planer is more and more widely used in plate processing enterprises. Why it is so widely used is inseparable from the advantages of machine. Planer is suitable for wood processing plant, furniture plant, packaging plant, decoration material plant, etc. It mainly processes the whole building formwork, joinery board, wooden floor, density board, multi-layer board, etc., but it can also be used when planer is used There are some problems. Let’s introduce them to you.
Abnormal vibration of main bearing seat
Under normal circumstances, the vibration of the main bearing pedestal is very small, and the experienced operator can judge whether it is normal at a touch. Generally, there is no condition to measure it with an instrument on site, but it can be judged by comparing with other bearing pedestals, or by judging the quality of the sanded plate surface. When the bearing pedestal vibration is abnormal, there are two reasons. One is that the bearing is damaged, as long as the bearing is replaced. The other is that the contact roller is worn and out of round, and the original dynamic balance is damaged, causing abnormal vibration. In this case, the sand roller must be removed for maintenance.
Sand belt fracture
It is mainly caused by the belt deviation, or the belt is not replaced in time due to blunt grinding, or the sand cutting load is too large, or hard objects are encountered in the sand cutting process, or the quality problem of the belt itself. Try to avoid fracture of sand belt, otherwise it may cause fire. When the current is abnormal, it shall be observed whether the abrasive belt has been blunt, if so, it shall be replaced in time.

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