Characteristics of Veneer slicer

Characteristics of veneer slicer

  1. The main motor adopts DC motor, the controller adopts international famous brand products and is equipped with energy saving device.
  2. The thickness of the original servo blade can be ensured by using the ball screw to cut the wood accurately.
  3. The wood clamping mode adopts hydraulic control, without manual tightening, which is easy to operate and improves the efficiency.
  4. Centralized electrical control box, hydraulic and electrical linkage, single person can operate.
  5. It is equipped with hydraulic clamping device and knife guard plate frame lifting device, which makes tool grinding and replacing convenient and fast, and improves work efficiency.
  6. Equipped with knife plate and pressure ruler heating system, can avoid the occurrence of blue pollution, improve the quality of slicing veneer.
  7. With pneumatic clutch brake, the equipment can stop at any position needed during the planing process, which is convenient for the operator to adjust according to the change of wood at any time, and start quickly in the original position, which improves the operation efficiency and safety.
  8. Equipped with centralized lubrication system, it can automatically fill lubricating oil regularly to ensure the normal and efficient operation of friction moving parts such as guide rails.

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