Analysis of the common troubles of the planer and sander

Planer and sander is very common in the woodworking machinery industry, Planer and sander with its unique structural properties in the wood planer sanding has a very high efficiency in the processing quality of the product has been very high, has been very popular with the woodworking enterprises. Today author for you to tidy up some of the Planer and sander maintenance of small knowledge.
Planer and sander equipment is not allowed to operate in the wood floor polishing operation. In hard ground polishing, the slope of the ground should not exceed 2 %. In the process of use, pay attention to the equipment under the sundries and so on, to check before starting. Before starting the work to check the wire line, wire can not be excessive bending, no wear and tear phenomenon. To carry out regular cleaning and maintenance of equipment, especially the cleaning of machine chassis, such as wax dust to prevent precipitation.
Analysis of the common troubles of the planer and sander
1. Belt deviation occurs
Cause analysis: the reason is usually caused by the unreasonable adjustment of the belt. The reasonable range of belt swing should be controlled in the range of 15-20 mm, and the frequency is 15-20 times per minute. If the adjustment is unreasonable for a long time, it is easy to appear deviation.
Solution: adjust to a reasonable range in time.
2. Failure of limit position
Hazard: the failure of limit will cause the sand belt to deviate to one side, which is easy to cause fire, so the failure of limit must be solved in time.
Solution: contact the equipment maintenance party to repair or replace the equipment as soon as possible.

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